Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

Guest: Dr. Jonathan Reichental
Author, Podcast Host, Thought Leader

Ian and Chad welcome back author, podcast host, and tech thought leader Dr. Jonathan Reichental. Dr. Jonathan Reichental shares his thoughts on the 4th Industrial revolution and what you can expect as it approaches.

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Show Notes

3:30 - What Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

5:00 - The First Industrial Revolution

8:20 - Why You Should Care About The Fourth Industrial Revolution

13:30 - What Defines The Second Industrial Revolution

17:00 - The Revolution of Digitization

20:30 - A Few Things About Revolutions

28:10 - Cyber-Physical

36:20 - The Impact of Climate Change

41:20 - How To Provide Medical Care Worldwide


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Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

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