Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

In this episode, Ian sat down with Kamran Ziaee and Cindy Breshears to discuss the changing role of IT in the business world. Kamran leads the global IT team at Centurylink. Cindy is the Chief Transformation Officer at Bluewolf, an IBM Company, where she provides advisory digital transformation thought leadership for IBM and Bluewolf.

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Show Notes
1:49 What does IT entail at Centurylink

4:08 What does customer experience look like at Centurylink

10:00 How to handle mergers and integrations at a massive scale

14:00 How Centurylink keeps up on new technology

22:00 Building bridges between the IT and business sides of business

25:00 The lightning round

Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

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