Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

We host our first ever CIO Roundtable with Paul Chapman of Box and Mark Settle of Okta joining us in the studio. In this conversation, Ian, Mark, and Paul talk about how not to get fired in 2019, the difference between Marketecture and Architecture, and how to utilize metrics to your advantage.

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Show Notes

1:00 - How Not to Get Fired in 2019

5:00 - Invisibility Is a Fate Worse Than Death

6:30 - Negative Connotations with Computers During Meetings

9:30 - Other Ways to Not Get Fired in 2019

11:50 - What You Can Do to Turn Your Job Around

15:00 - Marketecture vs Architecture

17:00 - What IT Will Look like in 2019

28:37 - How Much Should Security and Compliance Be a Priority for CIOs

34:20 - How To Better Use Metrics

37:19 - The Lightning Round


The Lightning Platform
Salesforce Chatter

Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

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