Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

Guest: Mark Settle,
Chief Information Officer of Okta

In this episode, we sat down with Chief Information Officer of Okta, Mark Settle. Mark is a seven-time CIO and shares his playbook for how he approached taking the role of CIO. He gives tactical tips for new CIOs and explores the new wave of authentication software on the horizon.

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Show Notes

1:30 - Mark’s background and how he got to Okta

5:14 - Moving into new roles in IT and Mark’s playbook on how to successfully make the transition

10:45 - The best time to push new IT innovations

17:30 - Driving innovation and change from within a business

26:00 - How the role of CIO is changing and promoting innovation

36:20 - Customer experience and the value of dual-authentication

44:50 - The Lightning Round

Conversations with Fortune 100 Tech Leaders​

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